Hornstedtia sp.

Description: Like its sister species on Mt. Kinabalu, Hornstedtia reticulata, this species has white reticulation on its leaf sheathing (but not its bracts, however), no pulvinus, cone-shaped inflorescences, tightly spaced red bracts, tubular flowers, and short petioles and ligules. However, it lacks stilt roots and displays thick white hair along the edges of its leaves and leaf sheaths that allow it to be distinguished as a separate species.

Distribution: Mt. Kinabalu lower montane forest (1800- 2100 meters)

Ecology/Habitat: Found in a separate elevation range from the more dominant Hornstedtia reticulata, throughout the lowland forest above 1800 meters. Its distribution drops off as forest type changes from lower montane to the higher, drier upper montane at about 2100 meters. Like its sister species, it prefers relatively open canopy, but it is found in drier soils.