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Postdoctoral Associates

  • David Tank (2006- ; assembling the angiosperm tree of life, campanulid phylogeny, systematics and evolution of the paintbrushes (Castilleja) and relatives, Orobanchaceae) [email]

  • Margaret Evans (2005- ; Gaylord Donnelley Environmental Fellow; origins, dynamics, and conservation of plant diversity; evolutionary ecology; population modeling) [email]

Graduate Students

    • Anne Greenberg (2007- ; Stellaria, hybridization, polyploidy) [email]
  • Jeremy Beaulieu (2007- ; comparative analyses of plant functional/ecological traits, plant genome size) [email]
  • Sara Carlson (2004- ; plant evo-devo, systematics and evolution of Dipsacaceae) [email]
  • Stephen A. Smith (2003- ; historical biogeography, Lonicera [email]

Lab Associates

    • Nell Green Nylen (2006-) — Assistant to Michael Donoghue, web site updates, etc. [email]


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