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Class Character States Notes
Bole Habit [not used]; emergent trees; large trees 30+ m; small trees; shrubs; arborescent; climbers; herbs
Bole Buttresses [not used]; absent; present
Bole Buttress and root type [not used]; concave; convex; flying; stilt; pneumatophore; straight
Bole Buttress size [not used]; short; tall
Bole Bole form [not used]; cylindrical; hooped; fluted
Bole Spines [not used]; absent; present
Bole Spine location [not used]; trunk; branch not modified leaf; branch modified leaf; petiole; leaf blade
Bole Bark outer color [not used]; white; cream; yellow; green; orange; red; gray; brown; black
Bole Bark peeling [not used]; not peeling; peeling in strips
Bole Slash color [not used]; white; cream; yellow; green; orange; red; gray; brown; black
Bole Slash lamination [not used]; absent; present
Bole Slash odor [not used]; absent; resinous; aromatic; almond; fruity; garlic; fenugreek; unpleasant
Bole Exudate [not used]; absent; present
Bole Exudate color [not used]; clear; white; yellow; red; brown; black
Bole Exudate abundance [not used]; spotty; flowing
Bole Exudate darkening [not used]; no; yes
Twig Terminal buds enclosed by leaves [not used]; no; yes
Twig Clumped hairs [not used]; absent; present
Twig Complex hair location [not used]; absent; leaf; twig
Twig Complex hair type [not used]; peltate; stellate; malpighian; clavate; capitate; scale
Twig Stinging hairs [not used]; absent; present
Twig Mature twig indumentum [not used]; absent; present
Twig Twig indumentum density [not used]; sparse; dense
Twig Twig cross-section [not used]; terete; flattened; angled; winged
Twig Leaf location [not used]; spaced down twig; clustered at twig end; pseudowhorled
Twig Leaf insertion [not used]; alternate; opposite; whorled
Twig Leaf plane [not used]; one plane; two planes; spiral
Stipule Stipules present [not used]; absent; present
Stipule Stipule freedom [not used]; free; joined
Stipule Stipule type [not used]; interpetiolar; lateral
Stipule Stipule on twig [not used]; not encirlcing twig; encircling twig
Stipule Stipule form [not used]; deltoid; leafy; spiny; glandular
Stipule Stipule fringe [not used]; absent; present
Stipule Stipule size [not used]; minute; conspicuous
Stipule Stipule persistence [not used]; deciduous; persistent
Leaf Leaf scales [not used]; none scale-like; all scale or needle-like
Leaf Leaf complexity [not used]; simple; compound
Leaf Compound leaf form [not used]; 2 leaflets; 3 leaflets; pinnate; bipinnate; multiply compound; palmate
Leaf Leaf pinnation [not used]; imparipinnate; paripinnate
Leaf Leaflet position [not used]; alternate; opposite
Leaf Rachis length [not used]; less than longest leaflet; equal to longest leaflet; longer than longest leaflet
Leaf Rachis glands [not used]; absent; present
Leaf Petiole length [not used]; absent; less than a quarter; quarter to half; more than half
Leaf Petiole winged [not used]; not winged; winged
Leaf Petiole attachment [not used]; base of leaf; peltate
Leaf Petiole base swelling [not used]; not swollen; swollen at base; swollen half length; swollen full length
Leaf Petiole apex swelling [not used]; not swollen; kneed; swollen down half
Leaf Petiole cross-section [not used]; terete; flattened; grooved; diamond
Leaf Petiole wrinkling [not used]; smooth; longitundinal; transverse
Leaf Leaf similarity [not used]; homophyllus; heterophyllus
Leaf Leaf texture [not used]; coriaceous; fleshy; chartaceous
Leaf Leaf base [not used]; asymmetrical; symmetrical
Leaf Leaf dissection [not used]; not dissected; dissected
Leaf Dissection type [not used]; pinnately lobed; palmately lobed
Leaf Leaf margins [not used]; entire; crenate; toothed
Leaf Margin plane [not used]; flat; crisped; revolute
Leaf Leaf base shape [not used]; cordate; rounded; tapered
Leaf Leaf apex shape [not used]; retuse; rounded; acute; acuminate
Leaf Upper leaf surface [not used]; matte; glaucous; shining
Leaf Lower leaf surface [not used]; matte; glaucous; shining
Leaf Primary venation [not used]; absent; single-veined; pinnate; actinopinnate; actinodromous; acrodromous; parallelodroumous
Leaf Basal vein origin [not used]; basal; suprabasal
Leaf Basal vein prominence [not used]; less than central; equal to central
Leaf Primary vein above [not used]; sharply ridged; roundly raised; flat; sunken; not visible
Leaf Secondary vein spacing [not used]; open; closed
Leaf Secondaries above [not used]; raised; flat; sunken; not visible
Leaf Secondary vein course [not used]; mostly parallel; mostly converging
Leaf Secondary vein angle [not used]; subperpendicular; medium; very steep
Leaf Secondary vein termination [not used]; intramarginal; brochidodromous; eucamptodromous; craspedodromous
Leaf Secondary vein branching [not used]; not branched; branched
Leaf Intersecondary veins [not used]; absent; all less than half; few more than half
Leaf Tertiary veins above [not used]; raised; flat; sunken; not visible
Leaf Tertiary vein form [not used]; distinctly percurrent; weakly percurrent; reticulate
Leaf Direction of percurrence [not used]; perpendicular to midrib; parallel to midrib
Leaf Ramified branching [not used]; absent; exmedial; admedial
Leaf Domatia [not used]; absent; present
Leaf Domatia type [not used]; pit-like; hair tufts; hollow stem
Leaf Domatia distribution [not used]; along midrib; across lamina; along margin or base or tip
Leaf Leaf glands [not used]; absent; pellucid dots; papillose; laminar glands
Leaf Marginal and petiolar glands [not used]; absent; laminar margin; basal laminar; apex of petiole; mid petiole; petiole base
Leaf Hairs on mature leaf [not used]; absent; present
Leaf Hair density [not used]; sparse; dense
Inflor Inflorescence [not used]; solitary; multiple
Inflor Inflorescence position [not used]; terminal; axillary; leaf-opposed; superaxillary; branch or trunk
Inflor Inflorescence axis [not used]; single point; unbranched; branched
Inflor Specialized inflorescence units [not used]; absent; present
Inflor Type of inflorescence unit [not used]; heads; umbels; corymbs
Flower Numerous persistant floral bracts [not used]; absent; present
Flower Floral sexuality [not used]; bisexual; at least some unisexual
Flower Floral oecy [not used]; monoecious; dioecious
Flower Peduncle [not used]; absent; present
Flower Flower size [not used]; microscopic; to about 0.5 cm; to about 3 cm; to about 10 cm; more than 10 cm
Flower Floral symmetry [not used]; actinomorphic; irregular; zygomorphic
Flower Floral column [not used]; absent; present
Flower Column type [not used]; androphore; gynophore; androgynophore
Flower Hypanthium [not used]; absent; present
Flower Disk [not used]; absent; present
Flower Disk position [not used]; stamens inside (extrastaminal); stamens outside (intrastaminal); stamens on disk
Flower Perianth [not used]; absent; present
Flower Perianth type [not used]; K+C; K–>C; K only; C only; T only; vestigial
Flower Sepal freedom [not used]; free; partially joined; fused
Flower Sepals calyptrate [not used]; no; yes
Flower Sepal persistence [not used]; caducous; persistent in fruit
Flower Sepal accrescence [not used]; not accrescent; accrescent; becoming wing-like
Flower Wing-like sepals [not used]; 1; 2; 3; 4; 5
Flower Epicalyx [not used]; absent; present
Flower Petal presence [not used]; absent; present
Flower Petal fusion [not used]; free at base; some joined; all joined from base
Flower Petal texture [not used]; not fleshy; fleshy
Flower Petal persistence [not used]; deciduous; persistent
Flower Petal stalks [not used]; sessile; clawed
Flower Petal margin [not used]; entire; fringed; lobed; bifid
Male Stamen filaments [not used]; absent; present
Male Stamen fascicling [not used]; all free; fascicled
Male Stamen adnation [not used]; free; adnate to perianth
Male Stamen size [not used]; equal sizes; different sizes
Male Stamen mery [not used]; anisomerous; isomerous; diplostemonous; triplostemonous; polystemonous; more but not a perianth whorl multiple
Male Isomerous stamen position [not used]; alternisepalous; oppositisepalous
Male Anther fixation [not used]; basifixed; dorsifixed
Male Anther adornment [not used]; not awned; awned
Male Anther dehiscence [not used]; pores; short slits; long slits; transverse slits; valves
Female Ovary position [not used]; inferior; partly inferior; superior
Female Carpel arrangement [not used]; solitary; apocarpous; syncarpous; joined at base; joined by styles
Female Style presence [not used]; absent; solitary including joined; free and multiple
Female Stigma shape [not used]; not distinctive; distinctive
Female Stigma form [not used]; clavate; capitate; peltate; fimbriate; cylindrical with a hollow base; cylindrical
Fruit Common fruit type [not used]; capsule; achene; silicle; silique; berry; drupe; nut; samara; legume; follicle
Fruit Uncommon fruit type [not used]; synconium; separable pyrenes; cypsella; caryopsis; loment; cone; anthocarp
Fruit Fruit fleshiness [not used]; not fleshy; fleshy
Fruit Fruit aggregation [not used]; not multiple or aggregate; multiple or aggregate
Fruit Fruit dehiscence [not used]; indehiscent; dehiscent
Fruit Fruit accessory tissue [not used]; no fleshy perianth parts; in or on a fleshy receptacle; in or on a fleshy hypanthium; in or on a fleshy perianth
Fruit Fruit wings [not used]; absent; present
Seed Seed size [not used]; barely visible; less than 5 mm; to about 1 cm; to about 10 cm; more than 10 cm
Seed Seed wings [not used]; absent; present
Seed Seed ruminations [not used]; seed uniform; seed ruminate
Seed Seed aril [not used]; absent; present
Seed Seed endosperm [not used]; absent; present