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Welcome to the Zanne Lab!
Our research focuses on ecological, evolutionary, and biogeographic determinants of species distributions. We do this by measuring physiological, morphological, and anatomical functional traits across many species. We are located in the Department of Biological Sciences at George Washington University.
New News!!
Spring 2018
We’ve been busy since our last update!

Our big news is that Amy M successfully defended her PhD on “Drivers of community composition in wood inhabiting fungi and implications for wood decay in temperate forests” in March 2018. Congratulations Dr. Milo!

We’re also very excited to have two lab additions. Habacuc Flores-Moreno joined the lab as a new postdoc in March 2018. He will be focusing on the NSF-NERC project in QLD, Australia examining the relative roles of termites and fungi in breaking down wood. Marc Rosenfield will also be joining the lab as a new PhD student in fall 2018 but has agreed to give us a hand with projects in QLD and NSW, Australia this summer. Welcome Haba and Marc!

Marissa has made various trips to Sydney to collaborate with Jeff Powell (WSU) and Will Cornwell (UNSW) on microbial community assembly in living wood. She will head down to NC State this summer as her new base but we look forward to continue working with her! Tania will be visiting the lab in the beginning of April for a couple weeks. Also, Alexey, a visiting lab PhD student from Boston University got a postdoc position in the DC area. We’re glad we’ll keep seeing him around in the future. Justin spent 2017 doing research with us with support from a Harlan Undergraduate Research Fellowship. He investigated the impacts of sea level rise on the decay of an invasive wetland grass species, Phragmites australis. Henry successfully defended his undergraduate thesis in spring 2017 and has been teaching in Israel this year.

Amy Z spent winter break over in Australia scoping out field sites around Cairns with collaborators Steve Allison (UCI), Paul Eggleton (NHM London), Alex Cheesman (JCU), and Lucas Cernusak (JCU). Watch the fun video Steve put together of their adventures. Amy M and Amy Z also attended another Fungal Traits working group at NCEAS and Amy M, Marissa, and Amy Z presented at the annual ESA meetings in Portland last year. Amy Z has also traveled to visit various collaborators in Brazil, France, Spain, and the Netherlands over the past year. We’re all looking forward to where the adventures this year lead!


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