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Project 1

Fern Community Assembly in Correlation with Light Exposure and Topography

Dewi Suprobowati and Subekti Sulistyawati


We compared fern community assemblages in sites with different sun exposure and topography in the CTFS – AA forest dynamics plot at Lambir Hills National Park, Sarawak, Malaysia. We sampled seven plots in steep and flat areas respectively. Our results indicate that fern assemblages strongly vary with varying light exposure. In addition, there was a significance difference in the diversity of ferns between steep and flat areas.

Hymenophyllum sp

Project 2

Marine Invertebrate Diversity Along a Reef Gradient at Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park

Eka Fatmawati, Subekti Sulistyawati, Megan Bartlett, Toh Kok Ben, Ian McFadden, Ruchira Somaweera


We compared diversity of marine invertebrates along mid-reef, reef crest and reef slope regions in the coral reef at Tunku Abdul Rahman marine sanctuary at Gaya Island in Sabah, Malaysia. 12 plots were placed in 4 replications in each marine zonation. The most diversity in marine invertebrates was found in the reef crest area, possibly because this region contained the most coral cover, providing the most invertebrate microhabitats.


marine invertebrates

Project 3

Comparison of Seed Predation of Parashorea malaanonan (Blanco) Merr. between Logged and Unlogged Forest in Maliau Basin National Park, Malaysia

Subekti Sulistyawati and Jesse Hiestand


Sorry, still under construction

Seeds of Parashorea malaanonan (Blanco) Merr.

Lecture Summary 1

23 July 2007

Lambir, CTFS, and Forest Dynamics

Dr. Stuart Davies

Lecture Summary 2

14 August 2007

Orang-Utan Population Biology

Dr. Benoit Goosens

Macaranga of Sabah and Sarawak

Collection from Lambir Hills NP, Sarawak

Macaranga sp1 Macaranga sp2 Macaranga sp3 Macaranga sp4
Macaranga sp5 Macaranga sp6 Macaranga sp7 Macaranga sp8
Macaranga sp9 Macaranga sp10 Macaranga sp11

Collection from Niah NP, Sarawak

Macaranga sp12 Macaranga sp13 Macaranga sp14 Macaranga sp15
Macaranga sp16

Collection from Malohom Bay, Sabah

Macaranga sp17 Macaranga sp18 Macaranga sp19

Collection from Mt. Kinabalu, Sabah

Macaranga sp20

Collection from Deramakot, Sabah

Macaranga sp21 Macaranga sp22 Macaranga sp23 Macaranga sp24
Macaranga sp25

Collection from Maliau Conservation Area, Sabah

Macaranga sp26 Macaranga sp27 Macaranga sp28 Macaranga sp29
Macaranga sp30 Macaranga sp31

Collection from Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Center, Sabah

Macaranga sp32